I met Christopher by chance at the Farmer’s Market in Bangkok. I was intrigued by his artifacts on show. As most people I was skeptical with reservations when confronted by the unknown. Following a brief conversation, Christopher held my hands look into my eyes and worryingly he said, “Is everything alright with you”. I replied honestly, no! He had sensed the dark force within me that clearly concerned him. After a long, revealing and comforting discussion with him, I decided to visit his home for further examination and for Christopher to remove the dark force, a force that was killing me slowly & destroying my family. I had an unexplainable dramatic change of fortune & wellbeing 10 years ago, when my world started to crumble for no apparent or logical reason, following 20 years of success I was experiencing a meltdown, I lost my company, my mother, father and younger sister passed away, I lost my family home, became bankrupt and was plunged into depression, suicidal in fact, strangely everything I did failed, I had life threatening Embolism and then contracted cancer. This was a long dark period; after Christopher had performed his neutralizing pendulum, the following week I noticed a light within me and the heavy burden of being possessed by an evil entity miraculously was truly over. Christopher’s clearing was only 6 months ago, and my life is slowly but surely returning to normality, I wear the amazing Atlantis ring for continued protection, and keep an FDV on me at all times and benefit from the powers of the Vitalizer. Christopher is a powerful and visionary gifted man; I owe my life to this great man. Skeptical no more.


I met Christopher for the first time at the farmer’s market in Bangkok and immediately recognised he was operating on a different level. Words unspoken… but a real understanding.
From my home 700km away I asked him by email to have a look at my house. His reply confirmed to me what I already felt and I was on the next plane to Chiang Mai. Toff not only identified and neutralised the issues in my home, he correctly identified some negative entities residing within me and removed them without much fuss. His  Atlantis ring now protects me and his rods protect my home.
Christopher is a generous and gifted person and I am fortunate to have met him.
Johannes Somers
Johannes Somers

After an unexpected upheaval in my life, I was having difficulty sleeping and my mood was low. A good friend recommended that I consult Christopher. I provided him with a few basic details by email  and his diagnosis returned promptly and  was somewhat alarming. Concerned, my friend sought a second opinion which subsequently confirmed Christopher’s findings. Rather anxious and with a lot on my plate, I opted for a day trip to Chiang Mai. As soon as I was greeted by Christopher, my anxiety began to subside. His simple explanation of the diagnosis and treatment, along with a sumptious lunch from the family farm, put me at ease. The session itself was relatively brief, calm and non intrusive. On the trip back to Bangkok, I felt a sense of relief – the monkey was off my back and will stay away as long as I don’t invite him back. Well worth the trip!

Henri Y., Bangkok

August 2011 I went to the Spa Chiang Mai Resort after having had 2 knee reconstructions to help rectify the damage done not only to my body but my health and well being.

During this stay I attended a number of meditation classes, being most skeptical about this, I was not really a willing participant but encouraged by some fellow guests.

Although I did not enjoy all of the classes I attended (each had a different teacher) I did return to Toff’s class.

His explanation of ‘meditation’ was one that I could relate to. It was practical, not too fanciful and simple to understand.

Further to this class I made an appointment to meet with Toff and to talk more about what he does and how he works with people and energy. A subject that fascinates me and that I think in years to come more and more people will want to learn about and understand.

Toff has given me some very simple tools to use to help me with my health: mental, physical and emotional….not always a brilliant scholar but when applied these techniques are most beneficial on many levels.

I will be returning to CM in the very near future and look forward to meeting with Toff again, to talk and to learn about the many subjects that he is so knowledgeable about..information shared graciously and without pretension by a very wise gentleman.

Alexis Farrell, Perth, Western Australia

To any organization who would look to employ you and your many services I would add my highest recommendation for them to do so. Personally you are a wonderful person, teacher, healer and motivator. Your methods work. Please feel free to use my name and have them contact me by email.  Kindest personal regards to you and your family,

Steve Eiche

Just a quick note to thank you for the magnificent relaxation techniques you shared with me when I was last in Thailand, I am happy to say I continue to use these back in Australia and they certainly help me deal with what can sometimes be the hectic Western life… I now seem to float through my days rather than being dragged into them…thanks to you!

I love the fact you have helped me relax my body as well as my mind allowing me to accept and enjoy more of my days rather than trying to keep up with them.. thank you once again.

I look forward to learning more relaxation techniques from you on my next trip to Thailand.

Wendy McCrossen

I have practiced relaxation techniques with “Toff” Freeland and found them compelling.   He understands how to get people to reach points of patience and relaxation which leave aside tensions and frets and allow the body to  reach a state in which it can heal itself.

I do not know how to explain it as he does.   He may say these techniques help the body reach the parasympathic end of the nervous system as opposed to the sympathetic or reactive parts that are normally engaged.

He is a man who is obviously easy within himself, at home in any situation, gracious to all and even-tempered.   His physical health is clear in the way he walks and stands and sits with perfect posture and a natural erectness.   He does not use tobacco or alcohol and seems to see no need for anything beyond water and home-grown food.   His techniques obviously work for himself, so they will very likely work for others too.

I might add that you will also find him a good friend, able to help with anything you need and an amiable and intelligent conversationalist.

Price Caldwell Professor of English and International Communications (Retired) Meisei University, Tokyo Mississippi State University, USA

Living in a fast paced, dynamically changing corporate world and coaching clients in ways to successfully overcome stressful working and living conditions, I am always looking for powerfully simple techniques to add to my practice.
REALaxation is simple in application and yet complex in it’s calming and healing benefits.
Since having attended Dr Freeland’s workshop I’ve been practicing the techniques twice a day and have noticed a marked improvement in the quality of my sleep, my ability to quieten my nervous system even during periods of intense mental focus on work deadlines and an ability to breathe more deeply.
I will certainly be sharing this technique with my family and clients, and encourage you all to take the opportunity to attend one of Dr Toff Freeland’s REALaxation workshops as soon as possible.
Nicole van Hattem Success Coach Workplace Wellness Warrior

Over the last forty years of practising radiesthesia there are a number of books that I have read on the subject but nearly all of them go in to your polarity way to phrase the question, never let anyone else touch your pendulum etc etc.  Most of them say to keep repeating the question over and over to cut out auto suggestion. But on reading your book I now realize the importance of not only thinking about the question you need to ask and the meditation that goes along with it, I wish I had known forty years ago when I first came in contact with it.  Honestly from reading your book you have given me the answers that I have been seeking. Thank you so much for your wonderful writing. As Abbe Mermet said. ‘now little book find your way across many oceans.’ Once again thank you.

Raymond MacCarthy, Cleveland, Australia

Raymond MacCarthy

I met Christopher five years ago, by chance, luck or utter synchronicity, in the most challenging time of my adult life. A beautiful life I had harmoniously and joyfully created for 20 years had suddenly crumbled for real and outside of my control events. He offered himself, and his help and knowledge to me, in a way that I saw without limit, my well-being was his mission. Maybe it was not like that, but that is how I felt and lived it. At the beginning we had almost daily contact. He put into words beliefs and understandings that I felt all my life, but never truly managed to fully grasp and truly own. He taught me on the mysterious wonder we call life more than anyone ever has. My internally and spiritually fulfilled life I have today would probably not be as deep had I not met him. His knowledge about oneself, ancestral traditions, healing methods, true understanding of universal and physical laws is boundless, and as broad as his free and open mindedness, as it can get for any human soul. And he is so humble and when I appreciate him he just answers, I know nothing, we can just hope to have a glimpse of the unseeable on all regards, but from my experience, and the one of all my friends I have referred to him he knows where to point his index for you to discover all that is already in you, and in all of us, and just needs to be uncovered. I more than recommend him, I wish him on anybody.

Maddi Morandi


The relaxation exercises are extremely helpful in stretching your entire body from fingers to toes. They have really helped me sort out a long term lower back problem and I believe this is because the stretching has helped unknot and strengthen the relevant muscles.

In any event stretching and relaxing makes you feel great! A good way to start the day.

A highly recommended sensitive and considerate teacher. many thanks

Anne Litten Sept 2013

I have known Christopher for over 3 years.  I met him at The Spa Chiangmai, where I own a villa.

At the time he was a meditation teacher and I found him to be a very insightful and genuine person.

He has extensive experience in meditation and relaxation therapies and he walks his walk.

I have always found him to be an honest straightforward and admirable person with whom I have enjoyed all my interactions.

I would highly recommend him for a position in holistic healing work.

You may contact me for further information if you so desire.

Ric Rocker

Toff is nothing short of a highly gifted and VERY powerful healer. His work saved my life. I was under the influence and possession of a very dark and evil entity. Had been years. Several clearings were done under other shamans only to have the entity return and wreak havoc on my way. Was so heavy. I was told by another healer that my levels were equal to a mental hospital in Japan and of the utmost darkness, she was unsuccessful to clear the entity for any duration of time. It wasn’t until Toff did his work via providing an Atlantian ring for protection, and neutralizing the entity with his pendulum, did the situation finally resolve and total clearance finally transpire. I can’t thank him enough. I was at the end of my rope. I would not hesitate to recommend his service and products for anyone in need of protection or dynamic shift. He is a true wizard and has gifts which truly are ethereal. The world needs more people like him.

Peter K, California

We met Christopher at the Skibbereen market and being very impressed with his education, personality, and detailed investigation of his field, decided that we would ask him to clear our house, even though it is a rental. There was a very bad feeling in one of the back rooms and I could not sleep there because of having very violent dreams that seemed to be nothing to do with me. It got so bad that I moved into the sitting room but not before I could pinpoint what seemed to be a murder site in the field next to the house. It was such a  strong feeling I could even sense where exactly it had taken place. Christopher came and had already established through the GPS and Eircode that there was a crossing of water under the house. This is a very unhealthy geopathic stress situation that I had read about. The first thing he did in the house was to measure frequencies with his pendulum and quickly picked up on the murder in the field. He quickly ‘sent on’ a pre-pubescent girl who had been murdered 250 years ago in some kind of sacrifice. Immediately after he did that I found myself welling up with tears and a great sense of relief. He also fixed the underground water problem with his well-researched methods and equipment.  He checked all the energies to make sure that they were better. He also told us that he can adapt the equipment he placed around the house for when we have to move to a new place. I have slept very well since and there are no more violent dreams. I am so happy that Christopher came and helped us. I can rest now knowing that the house is healthy and that the spirit of the girl is free and is no longer tormented … and no longer torments me! I wholeheartedly recommend Christopher’s house clearing work. He has clearly spent many years researching carefully and I certainly can say that what he did in our house worked. I sleep like a baby and feel much healthier all round. Thanks Christopher!

Gillian Watt, Ireland, September 2019

Gillian Watt

I am a mature aged lady and was invited to attend Dr Toff’s workshop on REALaxation.  I did not think this would be for me but I did go and I am glad that I did.  It is benefiting me every day  and I recommend it to everyone.
Nell van Hattem Great-grandmother Brisbane, Australia

My daughters and I have kept a Freeland Double Vortex device in our mobile phones since 2008. In the beginning I didn’t know if it was “working”. I just kept it in the phone with trust that it was. Then, when taking an Asian Bio-Energetic training course, I had an opportunity to “test” the effectiveness on my own. Using the “Bi-digital O-ring Test”, I asked my teacher to test my energy while holding my phone with and without the device. When the FDV device was in the turned-on phone, my energy showed strong in the O-ring test. When the FDV was removed and still “on”, my body test result was “weak”. I also tested my body while the phone was in the “off” position, and I was strong. I then did similar tests on other people in a “blind” test, without them knowing what I was testing. The results were consistently the same – weak without the FDV, strong with the FDV. Finally I had other practitioners perform the test, who did not know what they were testing; the same results came through clearly showing me that the FDV does indeed provide protection to our bodies.

Julie Seibt, Canmore AB, Canada.

I had a few meditation, relaxation lessons with Toff.

My friend and I find it very helpful.

I am doing yoga for a few years in London and learning some meditation technic.

But Toff goes to the core of the problems. He explains things very clearly, easy to follow.

For a example he explained how we can warm up, stretch every muscle just in 3-5 minutes.

It works!!!!

Very helpful, very enjoyable.

Wonderful teacher.

Natasha Melnikova, London and Moscow

I have had the privilege of being trained in a rather unique relaxation technique by Christopher Freeland. I am a very high strung person and have trouble getting to sleep at night and his exercises have helped me tremendously. Christopher’s technique is very internal and I am able to use the exercises he has taught me anywhere I happen to be. I highly recommend his meditation and relaxation exercises to anyone who has challenges with stress in their lives or who simply wants to live a more serene and balanced life.

Sunny Griffin, CEO Astara Skin Care

Since I spend a lot of time on my cellphone and always was strongly aware of the negative effects of electro-radiation, I always have used phone shields. The FDV is by far the best ! No more hot ears, no more headaches – an excellent choice! 

Nikki, Austria.

Dear Sir, Allow me please to grab this opportunity to address my thoughtful thanks to you for having offering me the chance to see my herpes condition amazingly improved in such an impressive way. As I had exposed it to you during our first encounter I am always suffering from a very painful ear condition before any herpes can settle in. This affectation of the right ear and only it works like a warning each and every time the herpes would grow. It is with such a relief that I have had the chance to experience by twice the metal tank you have ingeniously built. Each time before I sat in it for the 20mns you recommend my right ear was hurting badly and each time after I stepped out of the miraculous tank my right ear condition was back to normal and more importantly the herpes would not settle in as it usually did. Sir, your well hearted kindness and generosity, your knowledge and experience have succeeded where most doctors and pharmaceutics have failed with their medicine for sale. I will remain for ever grateful and faithful to you and to your method. 

Jean V. Perez

The change the rods have made on the whole family is spectacular. Harmony, calm and better sleep, even the animals are quieter at night! But the cherry on the cake was my husband’s restored vision. There is an underground stream 20 meters below the ground according to Toff and my husband is sleeping immediately above it. He was getting strange visual blackouts at increasingly regular intervals and was scared enough to visit several specialists who said it is a nervous problem. Ever since Toff  installed the rods, my husband has had no more of the blinding attacks. 

Catherine, Chiang Mai

Sound sleep had been a stranger for so many months, perhaps even years, until I tried placing a paper Vitalizer that Toff had left with us. The first night after putting it under the bed, I slept solidly. Was it the influence of the Vitalizer or something else? Who’s to say, but ever since the thing has stayed under the bed and sleep has much improved.

Alex, Bangkok

Toff Freeland is a wonderful man full of integrity. I have invited Toff to balance the energies in both of my homes as well as my telephone and car. I totally recommend Toff, his work and his products.

Jaz Goven, Director healing Light Studio, Chiang Mai.

There has been an insufficient amount of research/time with mobile (cell) phones by the general population. Those of us who use mobile phones are, therefore, acting as guinea-pigs for the mobile phone companies – only time will tell what the long-term effects of high frequency (HF) radiation could cause.

I have three teenage children who use their phones more than I’d like, thus, I am personally prepared to minimise any possible risks by the purchase of a FDV for each of the mobile phones in our household.

These FDV are tiny, inexpensive, and once slotted into the back of the phone, where the battery goes, are undetectable. Highly recommended!


Sarah Handley