The Vitalizer is a geometric pattern designed by Christopher Freeland on the basis of what we all experience when considering the flow of the vital force in Nature. Geometric patterns hold the most unsuspected surprises, and it is generally only when we encounter them obliquely thanks to observation in books, plants or the environment that the necessary link is established.

Assuming that the spiral, Nature’s curve of life as von Goethe so elegantly put it, has something to do with the movement of energy, the Vitalizer is designed to generate a clockwise spiral or vortex. Quite what clockwise or anti-clockwise is remains an enigma with regard to the origination of energetic movement but meantime, the fact remains that the spiral on the Vitalizer not only restores but boosts the original energetic value of what is placed on it.

The purpose of a great many modern methods and processes designed to protect us from bugs of all sorts is to devitalize or even kill the very product supposedly in danger of nourishing us, and just in case, best zap it!

This is a very simple geometric pattern, enabling a spiral movement and restoring vitality to whatever is placed on it. It is sufficient to leave water or food for two minutes on the Vitalizer to restore the lost vitality, it does not seem to restore life to GMO or severely irradiated products. The effect is very similar to spiralling with your hand, as mentioned elsewhere in the context of  Chiromagnetism The energy to generate the movement does not come from the pattern but from the energetic force of whatever is placed on it, the pattern then interacts with the energy-source to create the spiralling effect.

Just a few minutes on the Vitalizer will do the trick. “Charge” or boost the potential of whatever you put into your body:

  • Food, water, medication,
  • Seeds, plants, vegetables.
  • Even the pet’s food

To eliminate the multiple problems found in our drinking water it is subjected to chemical, electromagnetic and/or ultraviolet radiation, etc. at the distribution pumping stations to make sure it stays inert. Basically, it is dead as regards life-giving capacity but it is possible to bring it back to life.

If your vitamins/supplements have come through the postal services, they have probably been through a back-scatter X-ray and will have been totally devitalised.

  • Recharge with the Vitalizer.

Sleep troubles are often caused by electromagnetic interference combined with energy rising from the ground. The Vitalizer can be used to dispel such disturbing energy.


Place the symbol face up on a flat surface and put the cup, glass, bowl or plate, etc. over the centre.

Place the symbol beneath your bed or mattress, more or less below your chest.