Essentially practical, these workshops are intended for all-comers, you don’t have to be an experienced dowser – it might even be better that you are a complete neophyte! Because our intellectual baggage often gets in the way of what is simple, and you will probably agree that if we do keep things simple, it is much easier to access that neutral state of mind specific to radiesthesia – the perception of frequencies, where we can be most effective. A brief description of workshop details:

Where are u ? Geopathic stress and its detection

Using a Triple Warmer meridian acupressure point on the hand one can instantly discover if a person is exposed, in the area where they sleep or spend most of their time, to what is referred to as geopathic stress. It is quite easy to resolve the influence of the energies coming from the ground – the telluric forces, mostly caused by water currents and other underground geological events. But that is far from an end to the story, when those energy forms come into our space they encounter all our amazing modern gadgetry, and things get even more interesting. We will also delve into the dimensions of elementals, spirits, thought and more. All quite fascinating but of academic interest unless we come up with a solution, and that’s the plan.

How are u ? The sure-fire method of self-diagnosis

Using a colour scheme developed from the French dowsers, de Belizal and Chaumery, then applied to the therapeutic system of your choice, Traditional Chinese Medicine in my case, one can methodically and surely diagnose and analyse what is going on with the individual, from an organic, mental, emotional, physical, endocrinal and spiritual angle, and perhaps be of some use. The assessment process and possible questions that need to be answered.

Who are u ? Find out who you are dealing with

This is about other people, not yourself. Most of us would like to know the true nature of the person in front of you. Psychopath or friend? Fiend or good guy? Again using the colour scheme mentioned above, we will discover the true nature of your counterpart – without them knowing, so avoiding any dissimulation. Should you go into business or enter a relationship? Is there an ulterior motive? Where is this politician coming from? Are they using adrenochrome or are they just louche? The type of questions that are increasingly useful in this day and age.